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Share your faith and belief in God or higher powers here.

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A Little Prayer For Everyone...
submitted saturday 22 november 2015 by Wesonga /s/Religion
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Is Your Life Predestined? Does God Choose Your Fate?
submitted wednesday 22 october 2015 by Samson Kinky /s/Religion
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What Does The Bible Say About Christian Behavior?
submitted tuesday 10 june 2015 by Paul /s/Religion
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Rastafari Movement & Religion - How Do I Access To God?
submitted friday 9 may 2015 by Mushai /s/Religion
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Have You Said A Praise To Him Again Today?
submitted thursday 4 december 2015 by Naomi /s/Religion
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My Atheism And Its Effect On My Mum!
submitted tuesday 4 november 2015 by Naomi /s/Religion
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Why You Were Created?
submitted monday 12 november 2013 by Joseph /s/Religion
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